Boreal Nights 4 – July 2007

SFEN Young Generation


Contact : Isabelle POLI

SEC Saint-Petersburg


State Educational Centre ROSATOM

   The young generation learns to dialogue with Civil Society

Nuclear and new technologies:
an environmental solution

RUSSIA / Saint-Petersburg







State Regional Educational Centre in Saint Petersburg

The State Regional Educational Centre (SEC) has a dual mission:

·        to promote and provide postgraduate education,

·        to offer trainings to professionals in numerous areas linked to advanced technologies, of which nuclear energy is a part.

The courses and programs at SEC respond quickly to the needs of the public and nuclear enterprises. Trainings help students to add value to their education and offer them new career opportunities.

The Centre involves into the training process leading experts of Russian Ministries, government bodies, prominent scientific and research institutions, and universities.

A Regional Centre of Public Information was opened in the structure of State Regional Educational Centre in 1997; the premises of the Centre include the exposition hall, video hall, the hall for press conferences, rooms for meetings, conferences.

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The SFEN Young Generation

The Young Generation group of the SFEN (French Society of Nuclear Energy), created in 1995, counts 300 students from Grandes Ecoles and Universities but also counts 200 young professionals working in the nuclear industry. The Young Generation (YG) group is integrated both into the European Nuclear Society and into the International Youth Nuclear Congress.

The 4 main goals of the YG are :

Thereby, the YG is attentive to the public and answers to questions from the younger generation on problems linked to nuclear power, on energy and sustainable development.

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Part 1 : RUSSIA – Saint-Petersburg from July 2nd to July 8th, 2007

Topic : Learning communication skills

Program set by the State Regional Education Centre in Saint Petersburg (ROSATOM)

à Courses and lectures given by Professors, journalists and sociologists.

à Visits (Radium Institute in Saint-Petersburg, RBMK nuclear power plant in
Sosnovy Bor…).

à Round table conferences.


Part 2 : FRANCE – Lyon July 9th to July 15th, 2007

Topic : Exchanges with civil society

Program set by the Young Generation group of the French Society of Nuclear Energy.

à Conferences by specialists,

à Visits (PWR nuclear power plant located in Bugey, nuclear fuel fabrication plant…).

à Meetings with elected representatives and journalists.


Students and Young Professionals working in the nuclear industry: 10 Frenchmen (6 young professionals from AREVA, CEA, EDF and 4 engineering students) and 10 Russians (young professionals from ROSENERGOATOM, ROSATOM, ATOMPROM ) :

-   Desirous to learn how to communicate on nuclear energy as an energy supply source of the future,

-   Concerned about sharing their expertise and improving it,

-   Willing to strengthen cooperation on nuclear energy between young generations of the French and Russian nuclear societies.


Professors from Universities sharing their knowledges in communication area, psychology and human sciences,

Multidisciplinary experts in environment, industry, economics and geopolitical strategies,

Women and men, involved in the civil society and desirous of confronting their on-site experience with the realities of the tomorrow’s world.



In 2000, on the occasion of the first “International Youth Nuclear Congress” (IYNC) held in BRATISLAVA, the young professionals working within nuclear companies (32 countries, 400 representatives) became conscious that known energy resources are limited; our societies will have to make choices and compromises between their increasing energy needs and the conservation of the existing environment.


In 2002, congress participants in DAEJON, South Korea, concluded that their generation had to restore conditions for dialogue with society so that citizens make dispassionately, knowingly and at the right time their choice in the matter of offered energy options.


Following positive exchange experiences between young generations of the Russian and French nuclear societies, a concrete cooperation was born in July 2002 with the creation of a seminar called “Boreal Nights”. This seminar is dedicated to the dialogue between young professionals working in the nuclear industry and civil society.


Boreal Nights Series – Past editions:


2002 – NB1 : « Young generation learns to talk with society »

2003 – NB2 : « Young generation learns to talk with society about energies and sustainable development »

2005 – NB3 : « Young generation learns to talk with society »

2007 – NB4 : « Young generation learns to talk with society about Nuclear and news technologies : an environmental solution »





Benefits for Companies

Ø       To send a strong signal to the young generation to encourage them to involve oneself deeply in sciences and to trust in the future.

Ø       To train young people to listen and dialogue: experience has demonstrated that they are efficient and credible vis-a-vis the public.

Benefits for Students

Ø       Consolidate their vocation by many exchanges with seniors, society and experts.

Ø       To provide potential contacts with the industrial world.

Ø       To give them confidence in themselves and to allow them to vehicle information

Benefits for Young Professionals

Ø       To develop their knowledges in nuclear-related areas.

Ø       To develop their ease in listening and communicating both within the company and the social environment.

Ø       To create a network, guarantee of a future professional efficiency in an already complex and interdependent world, and, above all, to encourage entrepreneurship.

Benefits for Civil Society

Ø       To provide tools to civil society representatives to understand the world and make it evolve by comparing with their counterparts their ideas.

Ø       To obtain answers to their questions and, therefore, to encourage the expression of citizens.

Ø       To enrich and widen their knowledge base by contacts with credible experts.

Ø       To take actively part in the building of a smart future.